Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yankees 3, Royals 2

Jeez, we stink.

The Yankees seem completely unable and unwilling to move runners over and get runners home. Today was hard to take.

The crowd was completely dead today. The game had the feel of a painfully long rain delay kind of thing, where the Stadium's empty and you can hear a pin drop.Except that the game was sold out, packed, and tied up.

Of course, I never got my Yankee Luggage Tag. You gotta get there during batting practice to get a promotional item these days. They actually looked kinda nice-- could've used one a few days ago.

We did manage to give A-Rod a sound booing, and probably would have razzed Giambi a bit more if he wasn't removed from the basepaths.

Anyway, I left before this one even ended. I had a funny feeling we'd pull it out, but the "at-the-game vs. hang-out-with-L.J." factor was shrinking by the minute. Glad I went home.

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Charles Simone said...

This marks the first time I learned of the Yanks score by reading your blog. I'm not sure what this means. Well, actually...yes, I know exactly what this means.