Friday, September 21, 2007

Eastern Promises

Hey, Eastern Promises is great. Viggo "Yes, those are really my balls" Mortensen does a phenomenal job in this one. One of the best/funniest fight scenes you'll ever see. Think Borat meets Bad Boys (Sean Penn) and you're getting warm.

Not that anyone ever listens to my movie rec's anymore. Anyone. Well, enjoy it on fucking Netflix, tightwads!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

just some thoughts

* Let's see Meintkcweizc play first on a regular basis from now on. Only sits against terrifying lefties.

* Give Edwar a break! Don't wanna see him change his last name to Quantrill.

* A-Rod's heading into a mini-funk. Better now than later.

* Gotta be 12 pitchers in the playoffs.

* I propose renaming "Scooter" the squirrel-- "Nutso" the squirrel!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hell bent for leather

Ya gotta love it... we have like seven first basemen on the Yankees, and we play the one that can't field against the Sox.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yankees 9, Devil Rays 6

This was the start of a grand day of baseball and drinking. Chuck Simone was on hand for the game and the first annual MLB Predictions Pool party to follow. A long day for sure.

The game seemed to take forever. We agreed to hold off on the beer until the Yankees scored, which didn't take long. A-Rod was barely across home plate and our 24 oz'ers were already paid for. We did make the mistake of buying our beers from "Rain Man"-- luckily this didn't come back to haunt us later on.

Not much else to tell about the game. The whole corked bat thing was both confusing and amusing, but not much else happened. I guess we grumbled a bit about having to use Mariano for 4 outs, but who the hell cares?

The PP party at the Riviera on 7th Ave was pretty damn fun. Lots of trivia questions and lots of beer. Lots of damn Sox fans too, who were pretty happy to watch the "shifty" Clay Buchholz no-no the O's. Ended up being a pretty good choice for the party.

Our "after party" choice was a bit more suspect. Karaoke at Winnie's is a long-standing tradition with this particular group of, um, friends. The place hasn't really changed at all, except perhaps that it's not quite as trendy (crowded) as it was a few years ago. Thank god.

I literally staggered home with a box of three enormous slices of pizza, slept in my clothes, and forgot to take out my contacts. Then I woke up and totally botched the pool update in the morning-- I couldn't see a goddamn thing. Glad tomorrow's Labor Day, 'cause I have a shitload of work to do.