Thursday, July 27, 2006


Since the Yanks are doing just fine right now, let's turn our attention to the biggest waste of money since Kevin Brown. In fact, their numbers are uncannily similar:

Kevin Brown 2004-2005
14-13, 4.95 ERA, 205.1 IP, 239 H, 113 K, 54 BB

Carl Pavano 2005-2006
4-6, 4.77 ERA, 100 IP, 129 H, 56 K, 18 BB

Double Pavano's numbers to make up for this year's no-show performance, and you have a virtual copy of Brown's stats. There wasn't a soul in NYC that didn't want KB on the next bus to nowheresville for the last year so of his tenure-- we'd say the same about Pavano if we could find him!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

BRONX CHEERS: booed Yanks at home 1997-2006

1. Alex Rodriguez
2. Hideki Irabu
3. Jeff Weaver
4. Chuck Knoblauch
5. Jason Giambi
6. Kevin Brown
7. Alan Embree
8. Esteban Loaiza
9. Armando Benitez
10. Denny Neagle

hon. mention: Felix Heredia, Sterling Hitchcock

Monday, July 24, 2006

YANKEE DOGHOUSE 15: Alex Rodriguez

Sorry for the inactivity-- I've been driving around the damn southeast for a week...

I want A-Rod to succeed as much as anyone on earth, but I support the god-given right of any paying ticketholder to boo the bejesus out of him. Does it help? Of course not! But there's a real easy way to get us to stop, isn't there?!

I had a vision recently (after a few 24 oz. Heineys) of all 50,000+ of us storming the field at Yankee Stadium and beating the shit out of some of the guys-- A-Rod, maybe Randy Johnson, even Kelly Stinnett, etc. That might put a stop to all the bullshit, and maybe some of these guys would loosen up a bit. Clear the air, if you will.

Now THAT would be worth the $9.75 Heinekens.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006


I realize that just about every guy that Torre put in got shelled, but is it necessary to use the entire bullpen when we're getting scalped in double digits? Put ANYBODY in for 4 or 5 innings, and they're bound to get a few outs. How about Miguel Cairo-- he can probably pitch if he has to. Put Jon Pauley in for chrissakes!

Happy birthday, Mr. Steinbrenner.

Sunday, July 2, 2006


Randy Johnson gets a break here...

Jon Pauley smoked in my living room, took my Yankee book, dragged us halfway across Harlem to a party, and spilled about five beers. He also claimed he bowled a 220 at Ballpark Lanes (he didn't), tried to buy beer at Duane Reade (you can't), and arm-wrestled several girls.