Thursday, October 26, 2006

prime time

Space Needle made a rather strange appearance on "Veronica Mars" this past Tuesday night. Of course I didn't see it-- something about a guy on a phone with "Never Lonely Alone" playing in the background for a nice little chunk of time. Final scene of the episode.

Next I think the Sopranos should use Anders Parker's "Doornail" while somebody's getting the shit kicked out of them.

Friday, October 20, 2006

the honeymoon's over...

Got a VERY drunk call tonight from one of my Met friends (we'll call him "M"). He was in pretty bad shape. I think he was trying to get me to say something bad about the Mets so he could fire right back at the Yanks, but I didn't really have much to say. M was screaming and hollering about the bullpen and guts and gameplans, and all I could think about was my eye doctor appointment tomorrow.
That's when I realized something: I wasn't really that upset this time around. Here's a chronicle of our most recent flops:

2001 WS Game 7: I threw 3 CD's across the room (breaking them), and slept through the night fully clothed with the lights on in a fetal position. Then I went to school the next morning and yelled at 8th graders.

2002 DS Game 4: After earlier storming out of a bar in Tribeca on date with new girlfriend, we decided to watch the game at home with some friends. Metallica was playing so loud that things were falling off the speakers and breaking. Then went to party in Tribeca and embarrassed many people.

2003 WS Game 6: Stumbled out of Stan's and took D train home. Didn't cause any trouble at all. Yelled at a few 8th graders that Monday.

2004 CS Game 7: Took 4 codeines and 2 Ambiens. Made a slurred promise to watch "a lot less sports for a few months," which I immediately broke by watching 10 straight Knick games.

2005 DS Game 5: Listened to Who's Next in its entirety and went to bed.

2006 DS Game 4: Ate a cold steak from Huntington Outback. My dad called and complained to Outback delivery because they lost his lobster tail.

You see, each year has gotten a little easier. Or maybe a little less important. Or less fun.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


...and all is well again. if only wagner could have been the guy to blow it (again).

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Just now appreciating the fantastic show Airline on A&E. Way to go Southwest!

Sunday, October 8, 2006


Joe Torre
Alex Rodriguez
Randy Johnson
Jaret Wright
Gary Sheffield
Carl Pavano
Mike Mussina
Kyle Farnsworth
Cory Lidle
Octavio Dotel
Craig Wilson

Derek Jeter
Chien-Ming Wang
Jorge Posada
Robinson Cano
Bobby Abreu
Bernie Williams
Melky Cabrera
Scott Proctor
Mariano Rivera
Brian Bruney

Johnny Damon
Hideki Matsui
Sal Fasano
Ron Villone
Miguel Cairo
Andy Phillips
George Steinbrenner
Brian Cashman
3 for $10 beers at pizza joint

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

fox rocks!

did everybody see the insane audioslave montage at the beginning of fox's yankee pre-game tonight? what the hell was that?! martin luther king jr... wendy o williams... was that a klansman at one point?!

i look to fox for safe, conservative, boring baseball coverage-- not for fucking altamont!