Thursday, August 7, 2008

"One World One Dream"

Be sure to check in often for top-notch Beijing Olympics coverage here at Lee's Steez. I might not have cable, but I still get NBC...

I'll be on location in Oklahoma City next week for a portion of the Olympiad. I was also out there for the World Cup a couple of years ago, and I watched three games a day. Something about OKC just makes you want to watch sports on TV. Lots of it.

Unfortunately, my plans to cover the Games from Beijing in person were dashed by Chinese bureaucracy. An ugly incident from my past involving SUNY Geneseo property reared its ugly head, and I was denied access. Probably for the best.

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Charles Simone said...

Why is it that almost every friend of mine has a criminal record that references SUNY Geneseo?