Sunday, October 26, 2008

Too Little, Too Late

So this year's World Series is looking like the lowest TV ratings of all time (Phils-Rays?? No way!!). Point the finger wherever you like, but the reason is as clear as quartz.

Last night's game ended at 1:47 a.m. for chrissakes! I was all ready to watch this one-- LJ's in bed, I only had one beer, took two naps, I'm good to go. Last I remember was 12:55 or so. I staggered out to take a leak at around 4 a.m. and checked ESPN to see what happened. Kinda funny, since ESPN's one of the reasons this shit's happening so much these days.

I can't take it. At this rate, my son has absolutely no chance of becoming a baseball fan, as he'll never get to watch enough games to know. I'm already worried to death that the Yanks' opening day 2009 will get hijacked and set for an 8:05 first pitch. Add in ceremonies and other bullshit, and the game begins at 8:30 if we're lucky. A couple of my drunk friends will be there instead of me, in my seats.

Here we are with two east coast teams, and nobody gets to watch shit. It's hard enough to watch a series as lousy as this one (come on, really!), but when I'm pretty sure I won't even see the 9th inning... no thanks.

MLB's becoming the "G-String Divas" of the sports world. It's only on after the kids go to bed, all the guys have stupid goatees, and everybody's dumb as shit.


KumoD said...

Love that last line, Lee.

spacejace said...

last line funny as shit. but baseball sold it's soul 15 years ago at least, come on Lee. You're just not seeing it until now because your insufferable Yank-Me's are has-been's.

It's actually been a great series, and there isn't a person I know in all of Philadelphia that has missed an inning.

Look at his way, you only have a 3-inning game you get to watch next; whenever they finish playing it. it MIGHT not be until Thursday!

Phillies are 9 outs away from giving us our first parade in 26 years. You wanna see excitement? Come down to broad street when we wrap this thing up!

Lee Mazzola said...

OK, so you guys are excited down in Philly... no shit!!! Isn't that like saying Steve Carell was excited to get laid in "The 40-Year-Old Virgin"??!!!

spacejace said...

Yes, now that you mention it. It is like that.

Lee Mazzola said...

so... you got laid!!! way to go, even if it was with an 11-year-old from florida.

hey, i'm actually totally psyched for the phils. y'all are on the "good guys" team in my book.