Saturday, May 1, 2010

Random Yankee Bullshit

I've barely written anything baseball all season... didn't even mention my first Yankee game two weeks ago.

I blew off today's game for a number of reasons:
1. felt like crap
2. Vázquez pitching
3. wanted to hang out with family unit
(in no particular order)

I managed to watch most of the game at home. Can't call the game disappointing, since disappointment implies expectations, which I had none of. The Bombers featured their three worst pitchers: Vázquez, Robertston, and "Dá-Marté." Dá-Marté is Felix Heredia all over again, Vázquez is Vázquez all over again, and Robertson is gone before Monday. Tonight's reading of one of Jr.'s Dora the Explorer books gave me a new name for these jerks: The Fiesta Trio.

Other thoughts:
Joba looks huge... what the hell has he been doing? (or not doing?)  He's pitching fine, but approaching Sabathian dimensions.

I haven't seen a white guy run as fast as Brett Gardner since my buddy got caught stealing at Tower Records at the Roosevelt Field mall...

I hate the pitch counter on the YES screen-- it makes me nervous. It's like having a "cholesterol count" follow you around, or a "countdown to your death" graphic on your bedroom ceiling...

I totally buy the theory that balls aren't flying out of the Stadium this year because of new wind patterns caused by the demolition of the old Yankee Stadium. Makes absolute perfect sense to me.

Grandy's out... where's Shelley "Slam" Duncan when we need him? You may be familiar with the name Greg Golson by July...

I figure our starting pitching should be good for 3 wins out of every 5 games, right? If so, we win 100 games for the season.


Charles Simone said...
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Charles Simone said...

Welcome back, Lee. I was this close to nicknaming you KumoD.

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