Monday, February 15, 2010

Women's Ice Hockey

Awesome! My first legitimate "free time" to cover an event this time around. Women/s Ice Hockey? No problem! I'll take Men;s Ice Sculpting at this point.

Looks like Canada vs. Switzerland, which sounds like a classic match-up, right? Team Canada's coming off an 18-0 trouncing of Slovakia, so you might say they're on a roll. Goals are worth one point, right?

I dunno about this... I thought they were just warming up and skating around and they're actually 0:52 into the first period. I wonder if an announcer ever made a period joke during one of these games, like "Yuck, messy period for the girls out there," or "I thought the women showed a lot of poise and grace considering it's only their first period."

Anyway, they're not very good. A slow-motion replay of a slapshot was just shown, and I swear her stick (blade?) hit the ice at least 6 inches in front of the puck. You know, like when you're little kids playing out in the street and Kevin skronks a wide open shot under a parked car? Just like that. I hate to imagine what a Slovakian slapshot must look like.

I thought I'd do a little research about Olympic Women's Ice Hockey... I clicked OLYMPIC SPORTS>>ICE HOCKEY and got a diagram that looks exactly like the old bubble hockey arcade games. Remember that shit?!! The booing button?!!

Awesome! Cammi Granato's in the booth for MSNBC's coverage. i guess she's the Cheryl Miller of ice hockey. Wow, that works even better than I realized.
EEK! They just did a little side piece on the US team, and I don't think they'll be winning any medals for good looks... well, this Ruggerio character managed to avoid the ugly stick. I imagine she'll handle most of our face-offs.

It says in the US vs China boxscore that "Q Xueting" served penalties for hooking at 4:12 and 19:32 in the first period. You think they kept her overnight or just gave her a summons? At least she used an alias.

I don't think I can actually watch this. My son just fell asleep on the couch a good two hours before his bedtime. Au revoir.

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