Tuesday, March 24, 2009

$2625 per seat... do you take Visa?

Each year I plan at least one group outing to Yankee Stadium for work. Anywhere from 40 to 120 tickets, usually around $10 a pop. Usually works out well for everyone.

Just a taste of the New Yankee Stadium for you...

The night I chose for this year's outing happens to be a $5 ticket promotion night-- excellent! I couldn't get through to group tickets today, so I figured I'd try buying them in bulk right off the website. Since the most you can buy at once is 12 tickets, my plan was to buy four batches of 12 each. Hopefully they'd be somewhat close to each other if I bought 'em real fast. Yeah, I'd pay a fortune in ticket fees, but at $5 each who cares?

I couldn't even get 12 tickets period (this was five minutes after tix went on sale). So I tried four tickets. Mind you, this is a crappy weeknight game.

Here's what they offered me for four tickets to a $5 game. Yes, the total is $10,738.80 for four tickets. And that's without shipping.

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KumoD said...

Jesus, that is insane!