Saturday, April 21, 2007

Red Sox 7, Yankees 6

Well, that pretty much sucked. I went on record opposing a couple of things:

1) Bringing in Myers to face Ortiz.
Actually, it was my idea for Myers to hit Ortiz... but that's not the point. Myers does have decent numbers against Papi, but I've seen at least a HR and now a double in this "specialty match-up."

2) Bringing in Rivera for 5 outs.
I thought this wasn't ever going to happen this season! It's only April 20th. Proctor never should have come out in the first place.Easy to say now, but I said it last night while we were there. I think.

The Sox were wearing green uniforms to honor Red Auerbach, black patches for Virginia Tech, special decals for 9/11, another black patch for Dennis Johnson, a number 42 for Jackie Robinson (or maybe Mariano Rivera!), a commemorative red sock for Brad Delp, and their 2004 World Series rings.

We sat in front of a total idiot who said things like, "Turn two!" when nobody was on base, etc. A slightly pornographic poster of a girl hung over the urinal, which made it a little tough to piss. That and the fact that dozens of angry Boston fans were standing right behind me, seething at A-Rod for hitting another home run and at me for taking at least 5 minutes to piss.

It was $7 for a plastic cup of Bud Light. It wasn't entirely clear whether we were getting 12 or 16 oz.-- it was abundantly clear that we weren't buying more than two at a time. Maybe they were 400 ml or something like that. We were sort of close to Canada.

No, Fenway is a lot of fun. Even a crappy game like that one.

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